Little Sister

by Carolyn Byrd
(Dallas,Texas US)

I had a little sister, but now she's gone away. Cancer ran all through her. It didn't come to play. It ripped and roared all through her. From her head down to her toes. She never really had a chance. To the hospital she wouldn't go. There wasn't much time left they said. How long did she have left we said? They really didn't know. Could be tomorrow or a few days. The next few days were like a blur, there was nothing we could do. Pray and pray if you please, so we fell to our knees. Asking God for help. It really didn't work. Now she's gone. It was so wrong for her to go that way. I pray for God's forgiveness, because of the way, I cursed and resented that he took her so far and away.

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