by Phenix the Ashen

Cast a shadow on the stones
I lose my head, my breath
Her spirit still roams
Across the boundries of death

‘Is that any way to greet me?’
She lingers before speaking
‘You are one that can see?’
I hear a creaking

Whirl around to see the crypt
Before me is the shade of a little girl
Penetrating eyes, dark lipped
‘I wanted to live but… I just can't deny her.’

‘No my dear, you aren’t dead,
I see you clear as day’
I hoped to calm this little girl, instead-
‘I pray and pray and pray and pray- I PRAYED!’

She breaks down screaming, so sad
What is this? Is she mad?
‘Help me… Help me pray.’

‘I can’t see why not’
Kneeling down, the first spirit still behind me
‘I guess they really are dead, her hands aren’t hot
'She’s so cold’, I think. Then something blinds me

Bound down, I see a demon
The girl I prayed with, stares, laughing
‘This is what happens to heathens’
A hand grasps from behind, I struggle, rasping

A shattering voice cuts like a knife
‘To the depths you come, here you die’
Spasms of pain, losing feeling, losing life
The last sound I make drowned out, as I cry

What I tried to say, she’ll never hear
My last thoughts are to Lillinette
I love you, my only sister, the last person I see, love you dear
Live for me, as you see my death, hear my last, rasping breath...

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