by Phenix the Ashen

I pick up my bag, packed the night before
Didn't say goodbye to Lillinette, my little sister
I'll see Lily in the morning, I leave my fear at the door
Start the dark walk there, I think I miss her

My destination ahead, my home behind
This is my second favorite part of the lonely night
My favorite part comes soon, last month the moon shined
It's so dark tonight, I see nothing in the meager light

I reach the gate, but it's been locked this time
Walking along the fence, I find the stump of an old oak
I used to write under that tree, I'd stay 'til little Lily whined
Using the stump to jump over, a light in the distance, the groundskeeper woke?

I wait, crouching behind a pillar, I realise it's a stone cross
My hand is on it, it's burning- 'Shi-!'- The light goes out
I wait to stand, then make my way across
I'm almost there when I hear a screeching shout

A fog is rolling in, I hear a crackling, I'm walking on bones
It still makes me uneasy, but I push on until I find it
A crypt, grey and stained, I see blood on the stones
'Crawling with lichen, soaked in blood, marked with nitre', I start the spell to bind it

I hear a whimper, it's coming from the tomb
Dropping my bag, I take out the tools to banish the demon
A shadow looms to my right, the whimpering echos through the crypts womb
I turn to face the shadow, it's... It can't be... 'Mum?'

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