Living in the hood

by sasha
(columbus )

Life's a rush
everyday is a brand new day..
Everyday men are hollering at you,
they just don't know..
Your living in the hood, for real an abando.
You look at their eyes
you wonder if they
are looking at you and
really feeling your pain or
they just trying to get you in there..
So they can insert there self inside you
and not care if you live or die..
When they leave....
Living in the hood,
laying in the dark house
no one there but me,
This girl is so lonely so scared,
dark so very dark,
Darker than the streets
waka pow pow
there's bullets flying down the street.
Hoping the next thug nig-a don't
run up in the spot to hide out and
take his frustrating on this girl...
Pow..Sirens deep silence......
Once again stomping on feets
on the sidewalks living in the hood
>>>>Hearing conversations all night
what a nig-a going to do for the day.
They don't know she in the house
they don't know she know every move
she living in the hood....

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