Locked up

by Lizbeth Rivas
(Junction City, OR, Unites States)

I close my eyes, and
got to face the fact
that you are gone.
Got too wake up every morning
knowing you ain't by my side.
Got to be strong, it's all I got
It's not my fault you had to be locked up.
Didn't even get to say good bye
Didn't see you yesterday
or the day before,
Ain't ganna see you
today or tomorrow,
This week or next week,
this month or next month,
This year or next year
not even the year after that.
You got warned but didn't listen,
now you got to pay the price.
No one told you to go f-ck around
with the girl next door.
You knew she was young,
why you had to be like that?
You two say it was love,
I say it's a game,
you don't know what that is.
Didn't wanna hurt me
so you lied,
through your mouth and
through your eyes.
But remember I always told you
I was ganna be here
when you needed somebody,
And that no matter what
that love that I had for you
well always be somewhere
in the heart.
So when your out I'll be here
waiting for that apology I never
got cuz you got caught.

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