Look On Up

by Baron Richmond
(Green Bay, WI)

God's beauty and creativity cannot be hidden. Each day the sun rises over the clouds and falls well below the ends of the earth. Multicolored leaves explore with the wind from their summer-long homes. Dreary rain falls from overcast clouds to purify the earth. Even when the sun is hidden from the sky, the stars glimmer a shimmering beauty down from the heavens. At dawn, people in bustling cities awake to work their days away without stopping to notice and rejuvenate in the beauty of all God's creation. For God does not make his artwork invisible. Even despite the minds that roam this planet with heads buried into the their own lives and tired eyes glued to their screens. God's presence will always be there waiting for us to catch glimpse. A hidden vibrance. A sliver of a mirror reflecting to earth the beyond and above.

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