by Grant Denniston
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

How can i tell you the things i feel, when you tell me you,re going away ,

How do i handle the hurt i have, when alone in my bed i lay . I,ve kissed you and i,ve touched you and i,ve felt your warmth inside ,

I,ve got to tell you how it feels, cause it,s something i just cant hide .
Wherever i am or whatever i do the memories of you are there ,

There must be a reason for the things you do, perhaps you just don,t care .

When the time for talking is over and i,ve almost got it together ,

I,ll hear your voice or i,ll see your face and i,ll remember you saying it,s forever .

You never know what you,ve got till it,s gone you quoted me in a letter ,

If you could feel how i feel now then you,d know that things could be better .

I know i havn,t given you my time..and i guess that,s out of pride ,

But im feeling like a dormant sea shell still waiting for the tide .

Maybe someday you,ll change your mind and open up the door ,

For it,s then you,ll see me for who i am cause { I LOVE YOU LIKE NEVER BEFORE }.

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by: Anonymous

Emotionally familiar....beautiful !!

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