by Kristy Jernigan
(Starkville, MS USA)

Before you came into my life
I felt as if I did not need love
Like no one cared about me,
as if I didn’t matter to anyone,
As if I was a nobody, a no one,
a lost soul wondering around.
Now that you are in my life
I know that I not only need love,
I want love.
I know that even if no one in the world cares about me,
It doesn’t matter because
I know one person that does
I know that I don’t just matter to you
I am your whole world,
and you are mine.
I am a human, a lover, a friend,
your one, your only, your life.
I am not a lost soul wandering this World,
I am a soul that is entwined with your soul as one.
I am not lost in this world anymore,
nor was I ever lost,
I just needed the light of my life,
my one true love.
Now I am not only lost in your arms,
your heart, and your soul,

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