Love from Afar

by Jessica

Don't wanna fall in love with you
because I know you're just bad news
Don't wanna fall in love again
because I know I'm just a friend

In the end, I will only cry
once again for another guy
Why do I do this to myself?
I should put love upon a shelf.

Teenage boys are all just the same
Love is like a video game
You will do what it takes to win
even if it means you shall sin

Why is it that each time you speak
the sound of your voice makes me weak?
I like you boy, just so you know
but I can't let my feelings show

All I can do is love from afar,
make a wish on a shooting star
Lord, help me make it through this path
before I feel the devil's wrath

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Great one!
by: Gaurav Jain *0megle*

That's was awesome Jessica. Keep writing. :)
A touchy and deep one.
You are really blessed. :)

Look but dare to touch:
by: Bryan Trahan

Love from afar has only the meaning in a poem,put the pen down and point out your love to some one;)

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