Love Hurts

by Xavier Gowins
(Leadville, CO)

The endless black hole in my heart,
The hole that symbolizes my love
Every time I have feelings for someone,
I am let down, one way or another
It saddens me,
Saddens me when I want love,
And understanding,
And am let down
It hurts, makes me frown,
But I get over it,
Pass over the pit,
The pit to hell,
On that rickety bridge,
And gaining only a little happiness,
Knowing that I might get over it
Why is it?
I gain feelings for someone,
But to no avail
That someone unknowingly hurts,
Hurts me, the unwanted one
I gain littler happiness,
Happiness only gained by the happiness of that someone
As long as they are happy,
I am happy

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