Love In A Coffin

by Gemeniguy
(Northern Adirondacks)

Goth Girl and I were making love in a coffin.
This is something we have done quite often.
The undertaker said we could be his guest,
On the one condition we don’t leave a mess.

And as we rolled among the satin,
Goth Girl began to speak in Latin.
The first thing that came to mind,
Was this was not a very good sign.

I very quickly began to smell a rat.
I knew she had better character than that.
I said “If you want me to give you a poke,
You very quickly need to end this joke.

One thing I'm going to say to you,
Is that Satan is someone I would never do.
Never in a million years no doubt.
So right this minute, cut this out.”

Goth Girl said “I’ll be with you on the darkest night,
And I will always do you right.
In the darkness I’ll see you through.
When daylight comes, I’ll be there too.

But quite contrary to popular belief,
Not all death represents relief.
I well know the meaning of death.
And that Satan awaits with baited breath.

If you don’t want to incur God’s wrath,
You need to get off your current path.
I’ll always welcome you in my bed,
But get that suicide out of your head.”

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