Love Is

by Elizabeth Roth
(Cape Coral, Fl)

Love Is...
The smell of coffee in the morning,
When the person who made it had less sleep than you.

Love Is...
Making love in the morning & kissing,
Not caring what one's breath smells like.

Love Is...
An argument unsettled,
Makes you physically Ill
And prevents sleep all night.

Love Is...
Waking up with the NEED
To make things right.

Love Is...
Disagreeing and making up.

Love Is...
Letting one fall
(Even though it hurts)
To be by their side
& celebrate their victory
When they pick them selves up.
Knowing their strength even when they didn't.

Love Is...
Letting one learn through their mistakes,
& there are consequences for one's actions
& loving them regardless.

Love Is...
Knowing when they're not next to you
And searching for them in your sleep

Love Is...
A kiss that melts your heart
And a touch that heals your soul.

Love Is...

My Love Is...
My Husband
Thank You Mr. Roth

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