Love of a child

by Nicky Marinkovic
(Leeds, United Kingdom)

The love of a child is unconditional and true

It can fill your heart with warmth

Make you happy when you're blue

Give you strength from within

That you never knew you had

To protect and to nurture

Whilst you shield them from the bad

The love of a child is unconditional and true

But if you were ever to abuse this

The damage that this could do

Would stay in their hearts forever

And always on their mind

For the love that you'd tainted

By being hurtful and unkind

For a child's love is sacred

Should be protected by us all

It's sincere and forgiving

Has no boundaries, like a wall

But forgiveness has its limits

Which we all should be aware

That when a child becomes an adult

It's the memories that we share

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