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We are never more vulnerable than when we craft Love Poems to Her. Our hearts are exposed, and our feelings are set in the proverbial stone. There is no going back when words are delivered to the target of our desires.  It takes great courage to share one's deepest thoughts in such a very personal way.

Whether you wish to convey romantic sentiments for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or just because you feel the need to say "I Love You", My Word Wizard has assembled a wonderful collection of love verses that will inspire you say just how you feel. 

From time to time we like to browse the archive of our writer submissions and put together special pages to shed light on some very special works. It is our great pleasure to introduce this wonderful selection of verses written by a group of highly talented members of the My Word Wizard community of poets.

We hope you enjoy these very special Love Poems to Her and wish you love and joy.


Fingers laced, eyes sparkling out 
a sacred rhythm in sunbeams.
Deafening smile & oaths made in secret.
Promises of the moon in silver.  

                               © August Mather 2013


From Beethoven to Garner,
From Elton John to Bach,
A keyboard was needed
For symphonies or rock.

The king of the instruments
Is my cup of tea,
Though I’ll never play Carnegie
Or a genius be.

You are what my dreams are made of.
Every note of every song
That played while we made love.

I don’t need an orchestra
Or a string quartet,
Just you and me playing
A piano duet.

You are my ev’ry moment
Of all of my days.
Each gesture of your love
That my memory saves.

You are the future:
With me - together.
You are the one
I will love forever.

                               © K. Hoffman 2013


In the evergreen of midnight
I find you waiting.

A naked rhapsody lying
in the low grass;
Your smile beckons me like opium
to a lover’s addiction.

In the nectar—sweet dew
of your eyes
I find my reflected nature
vanishing in the evergreen mirage
of my thoughts.

I embrace the vigor of morning
and rise with thy breath near me;
A taste like rain on a honeysuckle
held tenderly
in my hand.

So cool thy kiss
caressing me with calm.
As your face fades into the emerald mystery
of my dreams,

I wait. . .
for thy infinite bliss.

                               © Angelo Niles 2013

More Than A Lover

My Love for You is more than just an emotion, 
I'll do my best to keep You protected; 
I want to be Your Angel sent from Heaven, 
the best friend You can come to when You want to talk;
Someone You can tell Your secrets to, 
I'll be there for you through everything,
the Good and Bad, the Thick and Thin;
I want to ensure that You'll never be hurt again, 
I'll wrap your Heart with a napkin and place it in my shirt pocket, 
keeping it close to me; 
I want to be like a blanket that covers a child, 
keeping You warm through the Coldest of Nights, 
hold You close to me when God's Love falls from the sky; 
I'll be the tissue that dries the Tears of Sadness from Your eyes, 
when I speak, I want every word to be a piece of wood 
that keeps Your Love burning;
never do I want the Special Rose You are to wrinkle in the Cold, 
I'll be the soil that keeps You standing, 
the Sun that helps You grow in Life, 
my Love will be the Water that showers You with Compassion; 
This Love of mine for You is more than just an emotion...

                               © Mazezty C. Navarro 2013

At Root

We are like two trees
Standing a foot apart;
We never meet, we never greet,
But deep down under the surface
Beyond the eyes of this world
Our Roots have entwined,
Drawing nourishment from one another
We have but become one.

The winds brings us close,
Our branches have extended their arms,
The bees carry me your news,
The ants have dug a secret road to help us come close,
But still it will take ages for us to cover this one foot
Life stares at a strange cross road.

Maybe the next tempest, will make me fall in your arms
Providing you last nourishment I will face a slow decay
But our Roots have entwined
And a new ‘me’ shall be born from you.

                               © Pinaki Ganguly 2013

We thank each of the poets for choosing us to feature their work in this special Love Poems to Her page. These poems tell the story of love in a deeply personal way. They own all rights to their individual pieces and no portion of their writings may be used without their permission.

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