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How often we wish to craft Love Poems to Him. Our hearts are welled with sentiments yearning to burst forth. But alas, fear overcomes us. We sometimes feel vulnerable when we offer our thoughts to the fresh air. In doing so we find them drawing in oxygen as though they were breathing. They seem to become infused with life.  Indeed, they take on a life of their own. 

It takes courage to offer your deepest thoughts to that special person. It is often the only way a person will know how you feel. 

Whether it's special sentiments for a special day, or you just feel the urge to put in on record your feelings for that wonderful guy, My Word Wizard has gathered a wonderful collection of loving sentiments that will inspire you to tell him how you feel.

It is our great pleasure to offer you this wonderful selection of verses written by a group of highly talented members of the My Word Wizard community of poets. We often find ourselves browsing the archive of our writer submissions and love to shed light on some very special works.

We hope you enjoy these very special Love Poems to Him and wish you joy and love.


Fallen silken roses -
once full, of life’s supposes -
of how, our dreams should be.
If it so, that I could fly on wings
of silken sonnets, all discontent,
like rain, would flow into the
oceans wide and deep, that I may
no longer, perchance, to keep,
those empty spoken promises

Let from your lips never be heard
rhapsodies, of love unstirred,
spoken out loud, if devotion, be not
yours to give.
I shall not stricken from affection
unshown, or weep for lovers
still unknown –
Like nature, always on the run
as winter wrestles with the sun,
if true your love, for me, – be false
buried deep, in winter's lament
then stay.
I look only, for days, of
summer meant.

                               © Poppy 2013

When I See You

When you pass me in the hall,
The butterflies burst out of me,
Every time,
My breath is taken away,
I never knew what true love was like,
Until I met you,
You showed me the light,
At the end of the tunnel,
The feeling,
Of being swept off my feet,
Being blown away,
Every time I see you,

I am lost in love,

When I see you smile,
You are my dream,
Come true,
I'm becoming scared,
Of how much I love you,

My heart has waited,

For true love,
Now it's filled,
Up to the brim,
With your love,
Every time I see you,
it becomes hard to breathe,


                               © Abbey 2013

Star Crossed Valentines

Thine eyes are
the song of my nightly dreams
Thy kiss is the
gentle whisper carried like a zephyr
Over the lonely dunes
where my soul wanders
Thine embrace is the ambrosia
of an Eden abode yet come
To our fantasy shared
a fleeting sigh held
Still awaiting that promised nectar
of a tender dawn with you

                               © Maria Panlilio 2013


I wrote your name in the sky
but the wind blew it away

I wrote your name in the sand
but the waves washed it away so

I wrote your name in my heart and
that's where it will stay  

                               © Paige Harmey 2013


Lean on me
The screen is so bright and brilliant
The sounds resonate through the theater

Take my hand
Dust swirls in the air

Stand up with me and cheer
As good defeats evil again

Walk with me
The moon is big and bright
The wind whips our hair

We walk
It's cold
And I don't want it to end

                               © Caneel  2013

We thank each of the poets for choosing us to feature their work in this special Love Poems to Him page. These poems tell the story of love in a deeply personal way. They own all rights to their individual pieces and no portion of their writings may be used without their permission.

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