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When we accept love, we must also accept the potentiality of loss. Love Sad Poems from the poets at My Word Wizard explore the issue of broken romance from a number of vantage points; pain, denial, anger, acceptance and renewal. 

We travel the breadth of our emotional highway when our dreams are trodden upon.  Sometimes we cannot muster the strength to take the nearest exit and seek a happier place. 

The following verses are written from the perspective of real life experiences. Perhaps they will strike a chord. Maybe you will find a little of your own feelings in this assemblage of poetry. Remember, you are not unique in shouldering this burden. We have all been there, are there, or will be there. 

We hope you take sustenance from these words of loss, and courage in the face of emotional pain. 


I saw an old friend today
He asked for you
He asked of us
I did not say
‘We are no more’
I answered ‘all is well.’
You are gone
Why can I not accept this?
Time will heal all, they say
But the loss is deep
Like our love once was,
you are irreplaceable
But I will replace you
I will love again

Cruel Light

The window stands naked
Without any dressing
No shades or blinds.
Light penetrates
I cannot bear the light
It quarrels with my sorrow
And though I am suffused in it,
the light has left my life.
For you are gone
and now it is emboldened.
It challenges me
through this exposed window
As if slapping me in the face
Cruel light
Leave me be
Allow me to wallow in pity


The first time we made love
You looked at me
Content, confident
You said we had become one
Like two amoebas conjugating
A new, single organism emerges
Pushing forward together
With dynamism and vitality

Time has a habit of changing things.
Like an amoeba
we divided
Each becoming a separate life form
Each with a disconnected purpose.
Did you offer such bold statements to her?
Staring intensely into her eyes
Did you say ‘we are one’?

A Healthy Diet

Love is the most nourishing of emotions,
without which we are starved,
lacking in nutrients.
On the other hand
too much love can cause bloating
Where is the equilibrium?
The balance?
I have lost love
Without which I cannot not maintain
my emotional weight.
A diet forced upon me.
My feelings drawn out and emptied
Like liposuction only more painful.
My body, devoid of vitamins
My soul, lacking in minerals
I have become anemic
Cruelly deprived
Without nutrition
Without love

A Deeper Malice

It is nearly two years since our last goodbye
724 days to be exact
But two years is an easier concept to grasp
The ring, returned via air courier,
was missing a stone.
A broken symbol
An aide-mémoire
of love plummeting.
I felt betrayal
You felt nothing.
Blitheness was your peculiarity
Infidelity your vice
Each feature masks a more perfidious nature
A deeper malice
Hardness of heart.
The dénouement,
two days preceding the nuptials
Occurred in a message,
a note slipped under the door.
No explanation
Devoid of emotion
Only an advisement
There would be no marriage
Love is such an eccentric character
Heart rending
I will love again
I will lose love again

Poetry by Alan Loren

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