by Steve Thompson
(Methuen, MA)

Play your songs…take this heart on a new rendezvous..

take all my sadness away…in large clumps..

make me reach the stars…but keep my feet on the ground..

make me lose you…just to find you again..

tie me up with your arms…let me cry everyday..

mix me some mud pies…the type that taste of real sand..

walk in the low tide with me…and let’s ride waves in the high tide..

tell me the truth…but then sweet…sweet…lies..

take my dreams out for a walk…and tell them how to believe in themselves

and when your eyes blink…let them blink for me…really fast..

unpack your toys…and let me play with you into the night..

then we can count your toes…and see if the stars move in the sky..

pile our fears in my red wagon…next to your rag doll Molly…and run…run…run..

tickle each other until our faces turn bright red..

Catch bees in a jar…then listen to them under the covers at night..

watch our hanging clothes on a clothes line …while the wind breathes into the sheets..

inhale some big blueberries right off the bush…and go home with the bluest tongue you ever saw..

praying for snow…and it comes…then dancing in the big flakes…catching them on our tongues..

eating peanut butter and fluff sandwiches…with marshmallow all over our hands and lips..

don’t hold me back…but please hold me..

don’t grow bigger than me…don’t look down on me..

feel my heart and listen to it…it beats harder when you listen..

put your tongue in my ear and I will put mine in yours..

your love makes me laugh…at you…and life..

love runs my heart on high…when you come in the room..

and when you cry…terrible things happen all over me…and my feelings fall out…dripping..

we grow in that mirror…now we are so different..
but I see you in that flesh…and you smile and look at me…knowing me..

we are still gonna love these things in our crazy future…no promises or games…only this wild love we share..

Kiss me…and we are ready to start all over again…bring your pick up sticks and I’ll bring my best marbles..

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Sep 20, 2017
by: Mary

This touched me. First love. Memories that strike deep into the heart.

Nice poem.

Apr 16, 2012
I get it.
by: Does it matter?

I totally understand the meaning of this poem. Most people expect love poems to be all about romance, but these words mean more. They speak to me... about a kind of friendship,... a love I have never met.

Feb 28, 2012
by: luis ullán

Lovely text, and powerful words.

luis ullán.
twitter: @luisullan

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