by Bruce Morgan
(Clearwater FL, USA)

Love is a funny thing
That I have caught a time or two
But just as easily as I caught it
My fingers it slipped through

I would see a beautiful woman
And line her up for the kill
She didn’t stand a chance
Against my macking skill

Every single time I thought
This is the one
Only to be heart broken
And ended up with none

What was I doing wrong
Why couldn’t I get it right
Was it just the lust I craved
That got me through the night

I see the old couples
And the love that they share
I want the same for me
But can’t find it anywhere

Then you came along
With your spiritual vibe
And stirred up something in me
Deep on the inside

Never felt like this before
Oh can it be
That love has finally
Put her grasp on me

God was missing
Each time before
But this time he was there
Saying I have the cure

Now love is precious
Tried and true
I put G-d first
And he led me to you.

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