Lovely Autumn

by Thu Saint Saint Toe
(Yangon(Rangoon), Myanmar(Burma))

Golden Autumn leaves rustling away
from the very tiptops of their former trees
Just to what the people say
and the wind goes WHOOSH!
the children's pencils go Scratch!
I can't stay any longer
as the leaves come over
As clear water dashes over the sparkling, bubbling waterfall
It's the most beautiful of all
How the trolleys' bells tinkle and clatter
but I'd prefer the latter
The loveliest day of the year
as wintertime drew near
There a mysterious illness spread far and wide
I must admit, as wide as the tide
Is it a booming disease?
The victims can never sleep in peace and ease
The children cannot study all day
So they play, play, play!
and then BOOM!
they exploded and recovered in their room in a brief time
The scientists discovered that it is affected by lime
The bacteria in the lime tried to tell me the cure
but it goes ACHOO!
before they can relate the cure to thee
Just do this and the disease will be wiped out soon
but it makes the goths stop being goths
I see it as dull as a moth
I am a goth and that is true
but it filled me with terror and rue
The blue spurt of a lighted match
as the fire crackles under the stars
stay and watch
and the campers made a ball out of tar
as they opened their sleeping bags
It all happened at a campsite
On a lovely autumn night
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