Lovely Girl

by Anonymous

"There she is, that lovely girl.
Flawless, radiant, like a pearl.
She is smart and sweet,
They want her on the fabric of their bed sheets.

There she is, that lovely girl.
She looks at her reflection, and wants to hurl.
You see her smiling, inside she is dying.
How would you know, you didn't see.
She looked as happy as anyone could be.

There she is, that lovely girl.
She is high as a bird, on top of the world.
Little by little, her smile fades away.
She found a new game, it's time to play.
Up she goes, how much did she take?
All she wanted was a small escape.
She is so beautiful, so smart, so sweet.
You missed the hints she gave, they were so discreet.

Now there she is, that lovely girl.
Drowning and lost, like a pearl.
Go ask her if she is OK, let's see, what did she say?
Please help me God, all I want now is another day."

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Your poem reminds me of my wife Jo, loveliest
girl I ever knew. God couldn't stand having her
so far away, and had shared her with me for 53
years...So He took her home...

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