Lovely Moon Light

by Anna Daley
(New York, NY, USA)

Oh, my beautiful emerald eyed Selene (moon goddess),
How thi do taught me with endless beauty and charismatic persona,
Yet here I Apollo God of the Arts, and Drive of the sun can never drive fast enough,
To see and spend enough time with thou

On two diverging roads are I and you,
but yet i take condolence in the mere idea that they may soon cross paths,
But till that time i weep not for the opportunities lost tho bitter they be,
But rejoice in having the opportunity presented to me to spend time with thou

Lets us rejoice,
And take sovereignty in the embrace of the other,
Even when the other be away

Let us rejoice,
Let us rejoice in spirit of Bachanlia and Saturnalia,
Let us rejoice

Let us rejoice
Let you rejoice in knowing i will never falter or trend of thou,
And will never engage in malicious spirit

Let us rejoice
Let me rejoice in the opportunity seized,
And seek condolence in knowing there will never be a final good bye.

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