Loving a Gangster

by Orissa

Got the girl of my dreams, my ride or die boo.
For her love, there ain't nothing I won't do.
And when I'm on the block makin that money all night
Every hour my baby's callin, makin sure I?m aight.
There's something about her that makes me believe
I can be more than what most people see.
She gives me courage and holds tight through the strife.
Damn girl, I wanna make you my wife.

Lovin a gangster is so hard 2 do
it's like you're lovin them n hoping they love you 2,
coming home late everynite,
waking up the next day, then your out of my site,
i can't go thru this cuz your breaking my heart,
sometimes it feels like we're torn apart,
you say you love me, but those are jus words,
you never really showed me how much you cared,
i wish you could open your eyes and see how much of my love i gave you,
but you say you're a gangster, and you're down for your hood,
but you're nothin to me but a stranger that's not even down for his lady,
you see where this is goin,
i thought we were meant to be,
but this is how love goes when your in love with a gangster

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