Loving mom

by Mpumelelo

Pretty women wonder where your secret
You ain't cute to build a fashion model size
But when you try telling them,they just think you're telling lies
Well I say,
It is in the reach of your palms
The shape of your hips
The love in your smile
You're my mom
Phenomenally,my phenomenal mom
That's you

You just walk into a 100m
Just as cool as you
Standing tall and not giving a damn about other people's opinions
And to a man,they follow you and then
Swing around you like a hive of honey bees
Well I say,
It is in the strength of your advices,
The stylish of your hairstyles
You are my mom
Phenominally,my phenomenal mom
That's you

People themselves have wondered,what they see in you,
Your inner mystery,
They say,they still can't get you,
Then I say
She is my mother
Phenomenally,my phenomenal mom
That's you

I love you mom
Keep slaying my world

By: Mpumi Dakile

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