by Christen Norris
(South Africa)

I know you have someone in your life,
And I know you really love her,
Knowing this cuts through me like a knife.
How I got to loving you, is something of a blur,

and every time you touch me,
It makes me want it even more,
And every time you kiss me,
it slices through me more and more.

I know the things we do are wrong,
And yet I cant help wanting more.
I know that I may still be young,
But you're the one I've been waiting for.

I know it's wrong to ask you this,
but I'm asking, please choose me over her.
you started this from that first kiss,
and I know that you do love her,
But i know you love me too.

she makes you so unhappy,
And she's always on your case.
I know I can make you happy,
if you'd only let me take her place.

All she cares about, is what makes her happy,
she never really does anything for you,
I was meant to be with you,this I see,
And I think you know this too.

I just want you to know that'
I REALLY do love YOU.

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