by Caneel

We sit side-by-side
Gazing out at the river
A gust of wind gusts by
And I shiver

We lean into each other
As the sun sets behind us
Nobody walks by
And the squirrels don't mind us

I kiss you so soft
As the sun finally disappears
You give me a wet kiss back
And seem to cock your ears

Such a gentleman
So kind
I look into your eyes
And they shine

You get up and leave
You seem to be in a mood
And I rush to the steps
To get you some food

You eat it eagerly
And your eyes ask for more
But I shake my head
And open the door

You trot right in
I pat your head
And you go and curl up
On your soft dog bed

(Authors note: Nemo died November, 2011. He was a Black Lab. He was hit by a car. If you knew him, you would have loved him as much as I did. He adored everyone. His grave is in our backyard, next to my mother's dachshund, Beep, who died June, 2012.

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