Lucky One is Me

by Lima Gogoi
(India, Assam)

The Lucky One Is Me
It's another ordinary kind of night
You're at my house and I start a fight.
Then I turn the radio on and it's your favorite song
I smile at you as we both sing along
You laugh at me when my voice gets really off key
I can't help but think- you're perfect for me.
You look over at me with your sparkling eyes
You make me smile and you don't even have to try.
You grab my hand and lace our fingers together.
As you call me yours I can't feel any better.
You've got a smile that drives me crazy, my heart skips a beat when you call me baby.
We lay back down and your eyes meet mine.
I can't remember what we were fighting about all this time.
I start laughing so hard over something you said.
You smirk, call me a dork, then slowly shake your head.
When I look at you honey, I wish you could see what I see
You're all I could want, the lucky one is me.

On the bleachers with your family watching you play
Cheering loud as we watch, it's just another Wednesday
You won and you smile, grab a hold of my waist.
I smile back, but wish you could hear the sound my heart makes.
Snuggling on the couch, laughing & talking, listening to music.
It never gets old no matter how much we do this.
You kiss me so long and I can't help but see,
That the lucky one is me.
It always feels just right- talking for hours before we say goodnight.
You never understand why I love you like I do.
You always say that the lucky one is you
But as you close your eyes & drift to sleep,
I lie there awake. Reality's better than a dream.
I wish you could see what I see,
You're all I could want
Honey, the lucky one is me.

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