by Shaista Khadim

Come, I'll sing you a lullaby
So you can sleep
I know you need peace
Come I'll help you be at ease.

I'll sing you a lullaby
That the fairies have written
Especially for you
To me have they given.

You'll sleep well
Listen to the words carefully
And you'll swim into another world
Where you can live peacefully.

I'll sing you a lullaby to that world
Where life awaits you
Where your presence lights up a soul.

The words are simple
Yet you'll fall into a long sleep
You'll run into that world
You'll no longer be treated as a useless piece.

I'll sing you a lullaby dear
You will love it
It's made for you
God has made it bit by bit.

You're no simple person
You're unique, extraordinary
Listen to my lullaby
You'll be mesmerized by the beauty.

Dear, just once, listen
I'll sing you a lullaby
Who knows if I'll ever again get this chance
I don't want to leave with a sigh.

I'll sing you a lullaby today
To make you go to sleep
Sleep well,may the angels watch over you
May you get your happiness in heaps.

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