luv potion

by ernest
(k-falls oregon)

i think bout u
at least once aday
now im writing this poem
and im not sure wat to say
but ive got u on my mind
especially at this time
and i hope u know
ur one of a kind
i ran from a program
and ended up in jail
and now that im here
all i can do is fail
but i still hav some hope
b cuz im talkin to u
so i hope that wat im feelin
is nothin but true
so im writing this poem
and sendin it to u
in hopes that a heart broken
wiil now hav a cure
this is the only way I know
to express my emotions
and i hope that u Know
its one of my luv potions
so ive gotta rite it
and try it on u
b cuz wat im feelin
feels o so true

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