Ma Barker &Her Son's (Short Story/Poem)

by Amanda Jane Smith
(Brighouse W Yorks)


This is a story about Ma Barker & her 4 sons.They searched for girls and kidnapped them for evil mum.
Mother's little treat was learning them to shoot their guns,
By god that's what they done.

They worked as a good team
Yes so very very mean.
They went from town to town
When they knocked you to the ground.
Yes so tough who never messed around.

Her son went for a drive on a summer's day
The police was on his trail he couldn't get away.
So he shot himself in the head
It was suicide they said.
Leaving mother wanting revenge.

Searching for mother's fun
Who then abused and raped each one.
Ma Barker smiled her fun was done
Then the rest left to her son.
Who shot them down with his gun.

Then the police drove up to the house
Taking position's as quiet as a mouse
With Ma Barker and her son alone
They started shooting from their home.
So many bullets they hit the floor
Mother & son couldn't take no more.

Now the 2 brothers left grieving
Went their separate ways when leaving.
One brother's journey was as far as the prison gates
The guard shot him down dead,
With nothing much to say.

The last brother got wed one day
He was cruel and violent.
She tried to escape
He opened the door and ran after her.
She ran for the gun and blew him away.


Ma Barker & sons was vicious murderers
They was not liked by anyone.
The moral of this story was a gripping one
Ma Barker taught her son's how to use their guns.
That shot all the family down one by one
Till they was all gone.

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