by Gemma Moore
(Weston super Mare, England)

I don't like to talk but I've got lots to say,
I don't like to listen but I hear it anyway.
I complain that I'm busy when I've nothing to do,
I love DIY but can't be arsed to screw.
I'd like to be taller as I'm only 5'4"
I think I'm a hypochondriac, do you have a cure?

My favourite colour's blue but I wear lots of black,
I'd rather have a dog but I live with a cat.
I hate it when it's raining but I hate it when it's hot,
I love going out but I'm in quite a lot.
I'd like to go abroad but I'm too scared to fly,
I'll sit here going crazy while the world goes by.

I can't think why but I've been single for awhile,
Maybe because I'm too sensitive and quite shy.
I travel by bus even though I own a car,
I'd like to join a band but can't sing or play guitar.
I'd like to be a saint but can't because I'm a sinner,
I think I'm getting fatter when I'm really getting thinner.

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by: Anonymous

I love this! You made me laugh! Hope you write more this this.

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