by Christine Redderoth-Roderick

What is mainstream, you think you know
You associate with people who are all just like you

How different can you be, I want you to think about what your life is like and how judgmental you are

You lack all creativity, artistic you are not
You pretend you are different to satisfy your own needs

Artists are all the same, their medium may differ but Artists they are, its not too hard to see

Writers and Poets like to hang with the same what makes them different is the signing of their name

You are no different than the rest of us
You home school your kids, so what they don’t get on a bus

Are they better for it, I don’t think it’s true, unfortunately they will probable grow up to be just like you.

You think I’m mainstream and yet I write about you, if you picked up a pen who wouldn’t know what to do.

What is mainstream you think you know
You are ignorant, and dull, you have nothing to show

So give up the pretense, mainstream you are, with friends just like you it’s time to raise the bar.

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