Majezty vs. da Vinci

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

A painting can tell many stories, but none can sing to the Heart
What takes many strokes to speak to an audience
can be spoken with a couple words
The eye is the window of the soul, yes
The Heart though is the mouth of the Spirit
Poetry can paint beautiful pictures, even when Dark with words
Paintings can only tell stories, the brush lacks the intelligence of the pen that can write it out
Our stories, those of a poet, never change
and the meaning at times can, yes I will say
Still the subject and the message remain the same
An artist's paintings confuse the viewer, leaving no one to fully understand
Creating a mind filled with questions
Tears of a Clown becomes the painters
I, along with others, create a mystery within our poems
When we do it though, it's on purpose
Never an accident...

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