make peace reign

by irene achan
(QLD )

depression and sadness
have swallowed me up
everytime i try to be happy it just keeps
haunting me
but then again how do expect me
to be happy when i can hear the cries of my
innocent people running day and night from wars
and from losing their dear life

i know i didn't really go through the pain of
running away from death because i was brought
to australia when i was pretty young but
i am suffering from hear the cries my people day and night

but i did suffer it might of not been
me running from death
but it killed me inside
to know that my own father left
me when i was so young
that left me dead inside
all i could think of was that if
was a mistake , if i wasn't good enough
or if i was never what he wanted to have
but no one should feel that they are not
worth it , you are worth more
than you think because god created
you .

i've been told many times that is people
fighting for peace
but what happiness and peace do you gain
from ripping someone's chance at life from them
what pleasure does it bring to you

and our so called south sudanese government finds much
more pleasure in sitting around
and lying to thousands and thousands of
citizens that they have everything under control

so let me ask you this
why can't we stand together and
make peace reign as one ,
otherwise this darkness depression
sadness and death will continue to swallow me up
until my motherland is restored to peace and happiness
once again.

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