Making love ends

by Candice
(Los Angeles , ca)

I'll always be better than your ex and better than your next no matter
The fights and how much we make each other cry I'm always gonna
Be the one riding by your side and the only ruca looking good always
Dolled up , no matter the occasion or a f-cked up situation , she has
Nothing on me and nothing to compare
Another baby tear falling down my eye
And them lonely nights I've once cried
No feelings to hide it started off with a
Few lies
It seems nothing's getting better and this love won't seem to work
I miss the way it used to be of how we first met being lovey dovey,
You holding me in your arms, confessing a feeling, kissing and
Hugging , me feeling on your body ain't nothing wrong with a lil
Bump N grind , A Vato so fine that is hard to find
a This classy love had you opening the doors and walking on the
Side of the street and that's what attracted me, you knew how
To treat a lady and had the makings of a true man , I wouldn't
Trade you for no other or do you wrong, you are everything in
A hynaz dream and you complete my fantasies
I once said
I promise to love you today, more tomorrow,
And forever till' I die, you're my natural high
I wish this love wouldn't had end and now it
Seems as if we're just friends!

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