Man Who Made Me Smile In My Life

by Anonymous
(Somewhere on Earth)

As we tread the road of life together
arm in arm,
Holding each other close to our hearts,
I think of U, my love!
As U wipe my tears away,
showing me the dawn after night,
U teach me what life is
and never to give up without a fight.
As U lend me UR shoulder when I am feeling LOW,
With U I can never be down
it is a matter of time, I know.
As you kiss me with UR eyes
my life feels complete.
U and I together
r a team no one can beat.
As U touch me with UR actions,
which words can never say
I know I will need U throughout,
our love is here to stay.
As U make me smile,
I think what I did I ever do
to have someone so nice as U,
To share my life with U
As U hold me when I trip,
never letting me sway,
I learn, though life is not just bed of roses,
U have kept the thorns away.
As we look at each other with so much of love,
I know U are all I wanted
and I will want no more.
But overall I want U to know
that I know my limits
and where I stand honey.


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