Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School  Parkland, Fla.

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

bowed heads streaming tears

bowed heads streaming tears

February 14, 2018

One more senseless mass homicide
twas the sole arbitrary aim
as a former student nonchalantly
sauntered empty hallways
seconds preceding blame
brazenly intent to maximize total killed

matter of factly telling police
(his incomprehensible)
(ill) logic he did explain
when cornered, he willingly,
unflinchingly, reticently admitted guilt

Nikolas Cruz rocketed
to instantaneous infamous fame
pulling a fire alarm
("FAKE") emergency,

then going leisurely ambling
along his killing spree
total of seventeen slain (comprising 3 faculty
and 14 students)
mercilessly gunned down
as if they were wild game

when handcuffed, an innocuous
19 year old did readily admit
emptying one firearm after another
at a fairly rapid clip

then at some predestined
or spurious moment didst dip
and dive out amidst
the chaotic madding crowd
before reality flopped then did flip
as lower teeth he nervously bit upper lip

made feeble getaway
at a nearby eatery casually flirted
with cashier and made no move to flit
upon his seizure as cornered prey

subsequently large tract
massively cordoned off
strong arm of the law
slightly halting in speech
detailed his gambit

deliberately staking
a stance to maximize hit
and once again afflicted parents lit
up with rancor and rage pit

toughly battling sorrow
which will not quit
til death doth bring peaceful rest
sans, those grieving family visit.

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