Marriage Proposal                                                                                                                1815 Woodcut

My Word Wizard's collection of Marriage Proposal Poems will inspire and help you find the right words to ask for their hand in marriage. The writers at My Word Wizard can’t guarantee that our poems will elicit the coveted “yes”, but they can ensure that your choice of words will be beautiful and memorable.

As with everything we write, you don't necessarily have to use our words verbatim, although you are absolutely free to do so. If they inspire you to come up with your own thoughts, that is just as satisfying for us.

So get your courage up and let them know you are ready to share your life with them.

The Next Step

We’ve been together for so long;
We even share the words to our favorite song.
I think I’m finally ready
To take that next step.
Forgive me if I stutter –
You always said I need help.
Sweetheart, will you be my wife?

That Day

One day
It’s just going to be you and me.
Sitting out on the porch
Staring at that old maple tree.
That is how I see my life.
Please tell me, honey
That you will be my wife.    

Star Light, Star Bright

The sun falls
And the night sky opens up
Shining the heavens onto us.
Star Light
Star Bright
I wish you will
I hope you might
Agree this moment
To be my wife.

Stuck in Glue

I never thought
I would feel this way.
I’d laugh and mock
At the words
The love songs say.
Now it’s like I’m
Stuck in glue.
I can’t do anything
But think of you.
Will you please be my wife
So I can get on with my life?


It took me awhile
But I finally asked you on a date.
The years have passed by,
And we have grown together.
I feel in my heart
That we are forever.
Each night that we are apart,
My heart is pierced with a burning dart.
Please tell me
That wonderful things last forever
By agreeing to be in my wife
For now and always.
Marry me.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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