Matter of Grey

by afghanacid
(London, United Kingdom)

I can’t create: my flow is blocked.
Inspiration: securely locked,
neural pathways: are closed today.
All routes down in my matter of grey.

I need a flash
I need a spark
I need a muse
To leave my mark

I breathe in, and shake my head,
I feel a tingle that begins to spread.
My eyes are wider, my face serene,
pathways rumble, fingers keen.

Give me thunder
Give me rain
Goddess of art
Enlighten my brain

Senses equipped
I’m alert
A touch and stroke
With the keys I flirt

I can write! My flows unblocked.
Inspiration! It’s now unlocked.
Neural pathways: open today,
it’s busy as hell, in my matter of grey.

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