Me and You!

by Preciosa Linn La Traviesa
(Minniapolis, Minnistota )

Babe Lets Just Start Off That I Love You;
And I Really Do Wanna Spend
The Rest Of My Life With You
And I Don't Want No One To Come Between Us;
I Just Want You That's All!
See I Hung On To You
For The Longest Time;
See Babe I Stayed With You;
I Went Out To Your Crib With You;
My Mom Said I Can't Sleep By You,
But I Ended Up Doing It Any Ways;
Your Mom Ain't Have A Problem With Any Thing; Damn Babe I Remember
That Night We Cuddled All Night,
Played Fight, Kissed All Night;
And I Kind Of Thought About It
& Started To Cry
Because I Really Do Love Your Ass
And I Have People Telling Me
That Your Cheating
But Its Like I Never Listen To Them
Because There Always Lying!
& You Say I'm Your Queen
And Always Will Be;
But I Really Do Believe You.!
But Now I Just Need To Tell You
That I Miss You
And F-ck What Other People Say
Because Its Just Me And You Babe!


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