Me In A Nutshell

by Shirley Munafo
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

There is always a new meaning for everything and everybody.
Take a look around you and you will find
All the people and things you see
Changed from someone's changed mind.

That is the real reason I love hardware stores
I envisioned all kind of new contraptions
If only I could play in there for a month
Wondering what Aisle would win my attraction.

I am not very fond of clothing stores, I find.
And that amazes me to no end.
For when I was young I had no pretty clothes.
As for our worn out items we would mend.

I figured out in my mind over time,
I could make do with whatever I had.
And making something new out of old,
Made me extremely happy and glad.

I am still that way at 80 yrs old to the extreme.
As they say: "old habits are hard to break".
I find, though, that it still very much intrigues me.
This one very old habit I'll keep for sanity sake.

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