"Me my FRNSS n college days"

by Farha

As i walk with my friends across the college campus my heart is sinking deeper and deeper...IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF OUR COLLEGE...the sun shone bright, air felt numb,,nothing seemed good everything was dumb,,,another few steps were our classes with doors shut and calm reminding the days filled with noise and warmth...but now it's the empty class with desks and chairs,, the lovely moments which v shared...
this moment took us to the flashback and now v r here the first day of our college.."again my heart sank deeper and deeper,,, as everything was newer..v FRNSS each from different corners,,none knew us v knew none..felt an unknown relation from within..and now it is a gang of girls walking down the classes with locks and curls...the less known to each other have now become frens forever...they spend many penny to crave their hunger,,when left with nothing party like beggar...they are a group full of girls little bit shy,,but crazy till the sky... they study they bunk they shine out high,,as a baby bird learning to fly...their first outing was to a zoo which they went without any ado...they never crossed their limits,,never missed fun a bit as they are girls full of wit..the girls are hungry till their finn,, their favourite spot is always an inn...when exam time nears they show their colours scoring out higher and higher...planning and plotting to pair up their frens is the only thing they stopped never...the girls are simple their thoughts are clear,,passed their 3yrs without any fear...""now my eyes are wet,,i want to stay back the day we met...as i walk across the college campus and walls i wish for one thing,, i always want to be with my best pals....

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