by Jimmy Langford

It's not how much you can lift with your hand.
It's not how many women you can claim you knew.
Though it is in a way measured by strength.
You will be judged by what you do.

It's how many time you pick your kids up and dust them off.
Then convince them not to give up hope and continue to try.
How much you still love them with all that's in you.
Even when they have done things to make you cry.

How you wake up every morning holding the same woman.
Not just hold her but remember you love her more then anything else.
You can see her faults but your love doesn't waiver.
Being able to remember that her needs and those
of your children come before your own.

Working two doubles yet still be able to come in
and read and play with your kids.
It doesn't mean you are perfect not even close.
Though you will try your best to be for them and you wife.
Try your best to walk straight with your head held high,
on the path you have chosen.

Struggles will come.
Life will make it hard to stand.
You must continue to do your best.
This is what it takes to have the measure of a man.

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