by Shaista Khadim

Standing by the sea
The cold, chilly winds hit me
My spine shivered
But I stood there in peace.

Memories are a gateway
To one's past
How many times have I opened and closed those doors
Letting everything pass.

People, things, tears, pain, joy
All passed me
I stood in all this
Many a times falling weak.

But yet, never did I lose myself
I had good reasons not to
Some memories made me weak
While others pushed me to move.

Memories can be sweet
(Like the times I was with you)
Or can be bitter as poison
But those times were also true.

Memories are pensive
They are like water under oil,
Oil being the outwardly human
Water being the dense, deep memories.

How beautiful is life
All the creations of God!
One can merely wonder
and ponder over these thoughts.

Today I stand
Like a pillar
Being a support to someone
My base laid by a healer.

I am glad
And thankful
For all that happened, all those did it
In the end
I stand here
Looking at the mirror
Trying to be better day by day
And smiling to myself
Loving life
Watching life
Living life.

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May 28, 2017
by: Anonymous


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