by Sierra Licata

And these memories will begIn to wash out
they Were fine at fIrst
but you couldn't touch them,
smell them, or hold them.
they were never exactly aS the moment was
and they faded with time
just like an old picture in a pHoto album
they Will always stand still
never moving forward, nEver retracting
you can go back and look through them
but you can never Change them
you can loOk at them
but you will never be where they were exactly
so I will remember yoU how you are to me right now
I wiLl remember you in this moment
before it faDes into the background of a memory
and you beGin to wash out with the rest of them
a memory is both a curse and a blessing
both a reminder and a lessOn
set in place to show us the truth
that we forget aBout so easily
so these memories...
these memories will fAde in time
just as the color fades from your sleeve
where your heart use to be
they were fine at first
but they were never really exaCtly as the moment was
just faded pictures in the bacKground

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