by Trinket_Writer
(WA State)

Warm sand beneath my feet, sun kissing every inch,
longing for this moment, the scratch that kills the itch.

High within the clouds, sipping nectar from the vine,
Recharging for a week, came in the nick of time.

I'll languish on the beach, or maybe by the pool,
while oil caresses my body, by someone on a stool.

Long days saturated with tequila, salt, and dance,
at the end of my journey, I might indeed stand a chance.

I walk the streets of cobblestone, where couples laugh and kiss,
the vision warms my heart, and I'm lost in hope of this.

Venders on the beach, selling all their handmade wares,
a necklace they have given me, showing how they care.

Strolling to the water, I let my garments fall,
a cleansing of the spirit is valuable for all.

All anxieties, are dripping from my soul,
heart and mind are heeling, which have taken quite a toll.

Strong we are when given time, to process, mend, and heal,
let no one ever push us, and tell us how we feel.

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