by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.d.
(Modesto, CA)

There was a book in Merlin’s time
His magic book, a book of rhyme
As the story goes a time of tale
Merlin put the book under spell.

The wicked men took a look
Into his book, the magic book
To their surprise the pages blank
Another round of ale they drank.

Locking away the book for time
Recently found this book of rhyme
To those who open comes a spell
Stories they read all a fairy tale.

The teller of story and of rhyme
Words appear by the book’s design.
The story written takes it’s form
Characters appear and are born.

It’s a book of wild imagination
Bizarre and filled exaggeration
A book with spell and of curse
There is no going back in reverse.

When you find a mysterious book
Be careful when you take a look
Blank pages will be your clue
Don’t let it put a spell on you.

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