Milk Chocolate (Goodness)

by Kewayne Wadley
(Memphis Tennessee)

Won't you share your goodness
with me.
I don't mind if you melt & spread against
my fingers,
as long as you're comfortable in the skin
you're in.
I've thought about you all day &
the way you release the love you have
inside of you.
Whether you break yourself into pieces
or undress yourself whole
You make my lips smile in the most devious of ways
& I am forever grateful.
You leave traces of your chocolate silk
on my fingers, on my lips.
Won't you share your goodness with me.
With my thumb, with my lips, with the way you
wrap you swirl around my tongue.
Though sharing is caring & you come in many different
I enjoy you just the way you are.
You don't have to present yourself in any articulant manner,
I enjoy all of your blemishes & how much of your creamy self
that you give.
I am always inclined to stop what I am doing &
spend time with you.
Won't you share your goodness with me

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