Mindscapes, Sweet Peril

by Lindsey Harasta

I want to meet you at the battlefield at dawn
Swords drawn in sweet rays of moonlight
Our feet firmly planted in jet black sand
Mindscapes, sweet peril
We stand
The last remnants of past woe maketh me unsheathe the metal
Yet, I lock eyes with you
And my heart stops
Your gaze is electric, and I, yes I capitulate
Unrivaled by any other, you are
Unable to engage in this bittersweet battle
I capitulate; to what I am not sure
Yet before truth, I am humbled
I drop the metal at your feet
My hands upturned, I offer you my neck
To do with as you will
Yet you won’t strike, my jugular is exposed and throbbing
Your hands reach towards my waist
And you softly press your mouth to my forehead
You drop your metal at my feet as well
We embrace, and the energy consumes me
At once we are infinite
Mindscapes, sweet peril
Eternal battles quelled at the sight of you
For once, no blood is drawn
I am yours
I surrender
There is nothing left but this feeling
This moment, this love
It is complete.
Beneath the moonlight, amidst the cosmos
We strip our armor and lay our heads on the jet black sand
And gaze towards the stars
Where wars do not transpire
And lovers remain immortal.

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