Miss Cosmos

by Meghana

With lots of hustle and bustle the life goes,
Not a moment to pause and look inside us.
Listen to the silent cry and not the voices in the head,
To know what really makes you happy.

I've got not a minute she said, fear and unrest moving like ghosts.
Thousands of chores and tasks running in her head.
Only if she stepped back and followed her heart,
To realise nothing is above peace.

So unhappy with herself trying to swim across the ocean of expectations
For she shall be ostracised if she shall fail
Try swimming the ocean to discover yourself
And realise you will go across with ease.

Lost in love, lost in responsibilities,
Striving to climb the rough mountain again after falling down.
Not the Zenith heights but in the farmlands your smiles lie,
Stop and feel the blissful breeze, turn around and run to where you belong.

To see the beauty of dawn and twilight
To relish in beauty of being loved
To feel the beauty of the rain and breeze and
To discover the beauty that lies within you,
Girl, step aback and think for yourself
Unmisted by greed and pride.
Break the walls created by others and build your own path.

May the rain wash away the agony in your heart.
And you take your breath void of despair

And your heart sinks in beautiful memories
And comes afloat to mark a new begining

Towards a remarkable journey that takes you to self realization
And the nature offers Benedictions for you that will revive your soul

With soothing breeze, sparkling water, fragrant flowers and incessant greenery with dew sparking like diamonds

Which makes you feel "life is so beautiful in the lap of nature"

And may the inner peace pervade all over mankind and satiate their senses and inner souls.

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