Missed you for two decades

by Dionne
(Houston,Tx USA)

Hearing your voice again made me feel like my heart was jumping out of my chest,as if it knew it was you. I have thought of you ever since the last time we kissed goodbye, that was twenty-five years ago.
I knew you were leaving to follow your dreams,just thought that you would be back to pull me into yours. I have been through the roughest times, yet I held onto the hope that I would see you again. I waited to fall in love, I waited to have kids, but you never came back.
You created your dreams, had a life fulfilled with kids and career. Eventually, you lost all that you loved and I found someone to finally love me and have kids with.
One day I said, let me search you out just one more time. Days turned to weeks, and you finally reach back only to hear that you are so near to me. You are incarcerated not for a year or two but for life. My heart is broken again because I have missed and loved you for two decades. How I wished our last kiss was one that was obtainable forever.

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